Chelsea, Wembley, FA Cup, Drogba. It all seems to fit together quite nicely doesn’t it? Chuck in a few records and a manager who has won the cup as a coach and player and you sum up what winning the cup meant to the club, the fans and everyone else involved.

On the day that word got out about Battersea Power station we saw the strides that Chelsea have made under RDM. The right team picked by a confident manager who has the trust of the players. For the first hour it was the strong Chelsea, dominating everything, making chances and pushing Liverpool further and further back.

A typical Ramires goal, waved into the net by Reina and an even more typical goal by Drogs really reflected our total domination of the game. It was only the introduction of Andy Carroll which shifted the game back towards the Scousers. A well taken goal from his left foot turned the screw on Chelsea and only a ‘Worldy’ by Petr Cech kept us our well earned lead. So, yet again, Chelsea win a game based on a strong defence and that stubbornness to concede which RDM has instilled in our team.

It’s not always easy on the eye and, for the fans, its real cardiac stuff which has left a lot of us with badly bitten nails and reaching for the next pint.

Lamps summed up the game by saying “It’s a massive day; the FA Cup final is huge to this club and an amazing feeling. We can certainly celebrate tonight; we’ll deal with the game on Tuesday when it comes.

Until they scored it was very comfortable. It was hard to deal with but we deserved to win. Didier Drogba is my hero. No striker I’ve seen scores so many important goals in finals. Roberto deserves everything; he’s turned the club around.”

Robbie said “I’m very happy for players because we’ve been heavily criticised this season and we’ve got the trophy and have the chance for another one. It’s been a difficult season but the players have made the club proud. It’s been hard work but we came through it. It’s quite a unique situation to be able to win the Cup as a player and then coach the team to win it. I feel honoured to have had this chance. We played well, we scored two very good goals, didn’t concede too much, they pressed hard in the second half but we defended well and scored two good goals. We still have two Premier League games to play which could be vital for us and then we’ll focus on Munich.”

JT said “It’s fantastic, it’s what we live for. We spoke about winning yesterday and we’ve had a tough competition in the FA Cup this season and we’ve won it was a great performance. At times people have slated us as too old, past it or not together but as a team we come together and unite when our backs are against the wall and we’ve done that superbly in the last 16 or 17 games. We’ve still got a massive trophy, the Champions League that’s the target for the owner from day dot. We’ve done Robbie world of good and it can do him no harm.”

So that’s now 7 games in 21 days for Chelsea with a visit to Anfield on Tuesday and back to the Bridge next weekend with a week to recover before a little trip to Munich to look forward to. I don’t know about the players being knackered but I am sure most of us supporters need some time to settle the nerves.

Anyway I’m off to nurse a shocking hangover and give the liver a rest before the 19th. Win or lose …

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