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In the beginning

CFCnet originated from the ashes of the long serving Chelsea Independent fanzine. The Chelsea Independent, or the indie as it was lovingly called, was set up in 1987 as a means to gather opposition to the strong rumour that Ken Bates had wanted to merge Fulham, Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers. Fourteen years later and after a disastrous move to A4 size, the Indie disappeared from the Fulham Road.

However the Indie website was already gaining momentum. With the running costs almost disappearing, online was the way forward. Indie editors were already supplying content to Teletext and a Sunday newspaper, whose name has completely slipped my mind, it was a “no brainer” to use that content to create its own presence.

During one meeting in Fulham Broadway’s Slug and Lettuce, it was decided that the Indie should be retired and a new name should bring the old fashioned paper medium into the Internet age. This Internet “thing” could actually take off.

Many names were muted and eventually CFCnet was the name chosen.

CFCnet gained popularity very quickly. There were a few fan’s sites cutting the mustard, but CFCnet’ strength was having many so many contributors and content that could be resurrected from its big brother. (The Indie.)

14 years on CFCnet is going strong.

Peter Sampson
Peter is a young but overweight 46 year old and has been travelling to Chelsea matches home and away from his home in Norfolk for the last 31 years.

Peter wrote for the Chelsea Independent during the 1990s and helped with their web site from 1999 until 2001.

Favourite player from the past is Kerry Dixon. Favourite moments include John Spencer scoring in Vienna, The Reebok in 2005 and surviving the Champions League final in Munich. Musical tastes include the Clash and vary from Johnny Burnette to The Who.

In his spare time away from CFCnet and Chelsea FC, Peter is the perfect husband and father of two young boys. Well that’s what he tells everyone.

Contact Peter if you need to find out more about affiliations, advertising, partnerships and sponsorship. Also please contact Peter if you have any complaints, suggestions and of course compliments.
[email protected] – 0776 675 3041

Jez Walters
Jez Walters is in his very late thirties and lives on the Fulham Road. He is a freelance marketing executive and works for London advertising agencies in a marketing and PR capacity.

Jez started writing for the Chelsea Independent fanzine in 1993 and was Chairman of the Chelsea Independent Supporters Association between 1997-1999. He’s pleased to see the old Independent fanzine metamorphose into a fantastic website. He’s also delighted not to have to stand in the Fulham Road manning a fanzine stall and getting soaked for his troubles.

Jez’s worst memory is standing in the Shed and seeing ‘Boro lose 1 – 0 but still send the Blues down in 1988. Jez’s favourite memory has to be Chelsea getting their revenge in 1997 and also standing in the Rasunda stadium and seeing Wise lift the European Cup Winner’s Cup.

Contact Jez if you are a media organistation who requires content, comment or interviews. If you can not obtain Jez by phone please send him an email or give Peter a call.
[email protected] – 0793 138 1209