The main topics for discussion will be that of away matches (all aspects, including ticketing and travel), where we will be mentioning the success of the Wigan away trains and club travel. We are hoping that they will be repeating this for future games as it was well received all around. We’ve had emails from many members and season ticket holders about the way the allocation is split, and I expect this will be one of the main points again discussed.

Second on the agenda is everything relating to the club media, such as Chelsea TV, the magazine, the website and more. As you may know, we’ve been in discussions with the club about the website for several months now, much has been changed but many are still of the opinion it could be improved, and that seems to be the general feeling amongst supporters with regards to Chelsea TV too. I have comments to take to the club as well as some good feedback from the forums and I’m expecting they will request more after the event, so please keep the feedback coming into the usual address.

Next up will be Chelsea in the community, where it’s expected the club will be informing us of all the good they are doing within the local and wider communities. Whilst these actions and initiatives are laudable, I’m not convinced the Fans Forum is the place to be blowing their own trumpet when documented releases to us could be a better option, especially when the meeting time is reduced by an hour and there is much more affecting supporters on a whole that needs addressing.

There will hopefully be time for any other business at the end of the meeting, as I and I expect many others have points to raise. There are still issues within the stadium that need addressing, such as food and drink supplies and services, issues with access to Purples bar and also still problems with the way overseas supporters clubs interact with the club, or don’t interact, as is the case. I have also received requests regarding memberships and ticketing which if time, I will raise, however they may need to be deferred to the third Fans Forum of the season, which is traditionally all about ticketing policy for the following season.

Some positive points since the last forum are that progress is being made on a number of issues I personally have championed, such as a supporters tournament and atmosphere initiatives, which has always been my main agenda item since sitting as part of the forum. We hope to have a date for a tournament announced soon, and more information on it available as the plans start to come to fruition. The Shed Campaign and related activities such as banners, flags and trips such as Wigan away are testament to the progress happening in these areas. Much credit should again go to Jerry Kendik and the club for their continued efforts in this area – we hope to make all of the documentation and minutes available to you all in the very near future.

We also hope to have in place a way for representatives on the forum to be more accountable to those they represent within the near future. At present, much of the feedback comes from supporters groups and organisations such as the CSG, cfcuk and ourselves, we hope by putting this in place that the groups will have their load lessened and a more diverse and relevant range of opinions will be brought forward to each meeting by those representing their own areas.

This will of course be the first forum since the departure of Jose Mourinho, and despite numerous requests to do so; we will not be raising the issue at the forum. The playing side of the club, including staffing and players is sadly not within the remit of the forum. We have made representations about the issue; in public by way of media organisations during interviews, as well as behind the scenes too.

We have also put questions direct to Simon Greenberg and do have some answers for you relating to the issue, which should hopefully be published on Monday. A Fans Forum report will follow soon after.

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