The third Fans Forum meeting of the season will be happening at Stamford Bridge this coming weekend, ahead of the FA Cup game with Huddersfield.

The main agenda item for the third meeting of the season is always ticketing, and with a whole host of madness happening with Carling Cup tickets, many have contacted us or voiced their concerns on our forums with regards to almost every facet of the sales process for the final.

First up though, I need to make our readers aware of a few changes we’ve made to how CFCnet will represent them in terms of ticketing issues with the club.

This has become such a large area for us, with many emails and enquiries in the forum each day, and previously Pete Bull did a marvelous job of dealing with these issues, as well as providing support to Jerry’s ‘Shed Campaign’ and the ‘Shed 100’ initiatives. Pete is taking a well earned break from several years involvement in CFCnet over many different areas. Everyone here at CFCnet wishes him well, and we hope to see him around soon.

Paul Eden will now be CFCnet’s primary ticketing representative in terms of liaison with the club on behalf of our members, those of you who read our forums will know him as Homerdaz. He’ll also be assisting Jerry in the Shed 100 initiatives and will also become a moderator for the tickets and travel forum, as well as updates to the official ticket news forum with information from TOCFCWS, and take issues or queries to the club that are raised in the forums.

Dan Davies will be backing Paul up where needed too, so from now on please liaise with them with regards to any ticketing issues and we will try to do what we can to help you. We’ve created the email addresses; [email protected], but you can also email Paul ([email protected]) or Dan ([email protected]) direct for any ticketing related issues, please note that you may not always get a reply, but each email will at least be read and forwarded to appropriate person at the club, or indeed included into any report or publication that it may relate to.

There’s been so much said already, but if you have an issue you can still post in the ticket issues forums, but remember; please don’t be lazy. These guys have offered to lend a hand here and they can help you out too, help them by at least looking for info firstly on, and by searching our forums.

We’ve also signed up Tom Allen (known in the forums as Carefree_Allen8). He will be joining the CFCnet team as a representative for younger supporters. His work on encouraging youth so far has been good and we all hope progress can be made in this area. Tom will assist Jerry and Paul with the Shed 100 initiatives and ensure a good youth element is part of it, as well as other youth related initiatives and campaigns. You can email Tom on [email protected] and we will be doing more with this in the near future.

I welcome the help Paul, Dan and Tom will be able to give, and it should mean that core area of representation for our readers to the fans forum and the club, is as best served as can be.

There’s still time for you to have your say on the Carling Cup final by clicking here. You can let us know your general ticketing issues here, also get involved in our great big ticketing debate. Finally, if a member or season ticket holder you can discuss the 50/50 member split for away ticket sales here.

We also have a couple of threads on some recent Fans Forum issues, mainly being Chelsea Digital Media and the Online Megastore, so get involved and let us know what you think, or you can also always email me directly on the usual address.

All of the information gathered on these threads, and via email, will be complied into a report this week and sent to the club before the Fans Forum, and a report on what happens at the forum will be online early next week.

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