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There is all the usual talks around Jose Mourinho’s future and some of the top papers providing contradicting stories against each other. Some are claiming that Mourinho will not be sacked by Roman Abramovich whilst others are saying that he would be gone by now, if there was a suitable replacement available. But it seems clear to me that the owners are determined to stick with their Manager but results MUST improve right away.

Diego Simeone leads the rumours of being the next in line as reports suggest that the Argentine Atletico Madrid Boss is interested in the position, but only if he can be assured of funds to overhaul the squad. But this move could end up costing the Blues owner over £100 million in fee’s as Moruinho will be paid £10 million to oust, and Simeone will demand over £90 million to bring in new players.

Atletico striker Antoine Griezmann remains the number one target for Chelsea and if Simeone does arrive at Stamford Bridge – this will surely help this move immensely.

Meanwhile, there are suggestions that Mourinho has plans to oust out some of the squads ‘bad apples’ this January in a mini clear out in order to remove some of the dead wood, whilst midfielder Nemanja Matic has publicly claimed that the squad is together, working hard and putting in the efforts to turn this around in a recent interview with Sky. Which is interesting in itself as Matic was originally one of those thought to be unhappy with Mourinho.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor- CFCnet


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