Good evening Blues and welcome to Wednesday’s edition of Chelsea Fresh – where we take a look at the latest Chelsea news, transfer rumours and anything else surrounding the Stamford Bridge club.

It continues to be hugely difficult and critical times at Chelsea and it appears the clubs owners could finally be willing to spend big in order to bring in some marquee signings that they feel will give the players and supporters the lift that is needed to get back on track.

Reports across the board today suggest that owner Roman Abramovich is undecided on what to do with Jose Mourinho as interest for the Portuguese man comes from across the pond in Paris.

But whoever is at the helm come January, WILL have money to bring in some top players – should they want to join that is. After all, this is now a side who may even struggle to qualify for Europe next season let alone challenge for the title. Pulling power has decreased, which is why a new Manager could change that.

I am uncertain whether they will take the plunge and sack Mourinho, but I genuinely feel that anything less than a victory against Liverpool will see him pushed out and collect his huge pay off.

Chelsea will once again be seeking the likes of Paul Pogba and Edinson Cavani in an attempt to fast track back up the Premier League table.

Meanwhile, Mourinho is again being back by players and Ramires is the latest to speak out and publicly back his Manager claiming that he is the right man to turn things around.

But the more this goes on, the more I feel and visibly see that many players are not echoing the thoughts of Ramires here. There is certain discontent amongst the players and this is due to the drama and controversy been bought in this season by the Manager. There are many unhappy players in that camp right now, it is clear for all to see.

Pedro is apparently one of these players, telling team mate Cesc Fabregas and people close to him that he regrets joining Chelsea and would happily go back to Barcelona, according to

Pedro has shown signs of being a real asset but more recently has failed to make a real impact, perhaps suggesting his morale has been dampened, along with too many others in my opinion.

What will happen next? Who knows, but Mourinho is hanging on by a thread and not all players are singing from the same hymn sheet anymore. If they were, why have they also not come out to back the Manager? There are issues with the players and the Manager and also the board and the Manager.

I am not saying sacking him is the correct thing to do right now, after all he is one of the best Manager’s in the world. But something is not right and I can’t really see a way out of that or around it.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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