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As we are midway between the International break and it has perhaps been the break that Chelsea have needed even though the majority of players are involved in matches still. It has perhaps taken some of the focus away from the poor start to the season we are witnessing and a chance to gather thoughts and re-focus.

Chelsea will still win the Premier League though, according to some pundits over the weekend. I’m sure you’d be a fool to rule Chelsea out and of course they are still in with a chance – but it will be an uphill battle from now on and they’ll have to be error free with a very stable and consistent looking Manchester City side so far.

With rumours surfacing over the weekend that Paul Pogba had actually rejected a move to Chelsea this summer, there are new reports today that Chelsea will not give up and go back in for the 22-year old this winter.

Look, for me this one is all up in the air. Rumours floating around everywhere regarding what did and what didn’t happen and what will happen in the future. I think the bottom line is that Jose Mourinho wants Pogba and the France International is certainly keen on at least listening to offers. But for Chelsea to be able to compete for his signature in January and even in the summer, they are going to have to get a lot better than they have started this campaign. They will need to be challenging for all competitions and be a force in Europe for Pogba to consider. So work on that and they might get their man.

Meanwhile The Mirror have released and article today showing where all 33 Chelsea loanee’s are playing and I’m telling you now that even if you have the best memory in the world, you’ll soon forget the majority of them. Is this really right? Having 33 players out on loan?

Whilst I certainly agree with loaning players out to get the game time and experience for development, is their morale now going to struggle when they see that their are so many other competitors also trying to make it? Will they look at the many other victims of Chelsea’s loan system who had all the promise and talk of their amazing future, just faze out at a lower league club? Will we see potentially the next big thing, not get the chances they deserve and once again just fade away? Well, the answers to all of those questions are of course yes. This does concern me and many others are echoing this.  Whilst many can thrive at the challenge, there will also be many who will suffer.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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