Good morning Blues and welcome to Wednesdays edition of Chelsea Fresh, where we take a look at the latest news, transfer rumours and anything else in between surrounding Stamford Bridge.

First up, John Stones could go to Real Madrid according to former Everton scout Tony Henry who was the man who spotted Stones at Barnsley. Henry said that Stones is good enough to play for Madrid and that he was glad he stayed at Everton, as a move to Chelsea would have been too much too soon.

I can’t help but agree with him, although Stones is growing in stature every game – he does evident as being nervous at times and this is something that will get better with maturity. I feel this time next year he will be one of the best defenders around. But will Chelsea then be needing to battle Europe’s giants for his signature? It would seem that way.

Diego Costa meanwhile is struggling with his form and has to improve, this being the strikers own admission after struggling for Spain during the International break. Costa has started bad at Chelsea this season also and admits that he needs to start scoring again.

Well, he can begin this Saturday at Goodison with a brace – that would be ideal!

Finally, Filipe Luis has broken his silence on his time at Chelsea and it is as expected. Luis spoke of his ‘shock’ of lack of game time, he said…

” I always really missed Atletico. I was coming to play 50 games or more and to having to share my position shocked me. It makes you less important but I made up for the games I missed with games for the Brazil team.”

“It’s true I wasn’t as important at Chelsea. I never demanded that. What I wanted was to be a champion, because few people get that. I succeeded. But the happiness wasn’t there. It’s a significant difference.”

“I talked to Diego Simeone a few times. He asked if I wanted to return and I told him I’d love to.”

To be honest I am inclined to agree with him. I always thought he did good when he did play but never had the chance to nail his slot down. I’ve always rated Luis – he’s a good Brazilian International and also a top La Liga defender, why on earth we insisted on playing a right back at left back and a deteriorating Branislav Ivanovic instead is beyond me.

Unfortunately the early stages of this season are looking to be exactly the same again with Baba Rahman in the same position as Luis. It is ridiculous, Rahman MUST get the chances that Luis didn’t. We need to optimise our full back positions and use a right sided defender at right back and drop Ivanovic. We will struggle if this doesn’t happen and the full backs are currently wasted positions. But I just can’t see it with Mourinho giving the vice-captaincy to Ivanovic and has relied on him.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet


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