Good afternoon Blues and welcome to Monday’s edition of Chelsea Fresh – where we take a look at the latest Chelsea news, transfer rumours and anything else at the club.

First of all, according to reports, Chelsea will not be exercising their clause to buy Radamel Falcao when the season is up. To be honest, I find this a bit of a nothing rumour. Of course Falcao has been poor and shown nothing that makes anyone think he still has the ability. But if miracles happen and he turns on the style and plays some of the best football of his life bagging goals along the way, will we really be letting him leave? Absolutely not. On performances right now, yes they will not be buying him but who is to say what will happen the rest of this season?

Next up, Manchester United striker Anthony Martial apparently rejected the chance to join Chelsea this summer and chose United instead. But then you read the source of this rumour – The Manchester Evening Echo. I don’t think anything else needs to be said here apart from bitterness taste’s sour and too bad on losing out on Pedro!

Finally – Jose Mourinho has been involved in crisis talks with the club’s board following the abysmal start to the season, Mourinho’s worst period as a Manager. The Club have said that they have confidence in Mourinho and the players to get through this tough period but also have said the position we are in is not acceptable.

I’m not sure whether this is a vote of confidence, or a starch warning to Mourinho. But whatever it is, it has given them some space to breathe and a chance to get out of this rut. but if he doesn’t, how much longer will it last?

Mourinho has received the backing of some players publicly as well and will be demanding his troops finally rally around and get results. There is an evident underlying issue at the club and discontent from Mourinho to the board for not allowing his transfer targets to be pursued in the summer, sparking frustrations from the fiery Portuguese man.

In my opinion, Mourinho has not been given the choice in who we signed this summer and if he is to be blamed if we do not succeed this season, he MUST get full control over who we sign in January and only then can he be fully judged.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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