Good morning Blues and welcome to Monday’s edition of Chelsea Fresh – where we take a look at the latest news, transfer rumours and anything in between at Stamford Bridge this season.

After the worst start to a season by any Chelsea team for 29 years, things are looking pure ugly at Stamford Bridge right now and it appears that their are some real underlying issues.

Jose Mourinho has apparently been quoted by The Daily Mail as saying that one day he will leave Chelsea but plans to still live in London. And when questioned further on this, he narrowed it down to two potential clubs he will manage next, Arsenal and England.

If this is a correct report, I fail to understand why on earth Mourinho would be talking about his next move at this critical part of the season, it’s highly irrelevant to the tough spot the team is in right now and I hope it isn’t a sign that Mourinho is about to run away and give up.

It concerns me that there are real tensions between Mourinho and the club owners once again due to the lack of funding given to summer transfer activity. Mourinho clearly expected their to be more available to sign new players. This in turn has had a negative affect on morale and that is transferring to the pitch.

Mourinho has also been involved in an apparent spat with Everton Manager Roberto Martinez – who certainly had the last laugh plus many more over his rival on Saturday.

I’m not looking too much in to this but he apparently lost his temper with Martinez after he had his TV interview before Mourinho, which he then ended up shouting swear words in his direction. Pinch of salt right here as it seems something of nothing but I am pinpointing it because it is clearly showing the pressure that Mourinho is under at a time when we need the Manager to be calm, stepping up, changing things around, making bold decisions and dropping some of the apparent ‘reliable’ big names. We need an assertive leader now, not an angry one.

Meanwhile on the transfer front – Chelsea want to sign Victor Valdes according to reports in Italy. With Thibaut Courtois facing a lengthy time on the sidelines with injury, Moruinho is apparently keen to bring in another experienced keeper.

Valdes has been out of favour at Manchester United and is currently refusing to play in the Under-21 squad. This would make some sense, if Courtois is to be out for a very long time.

With Paul Pogba looking certain to join Barcelona in January, Chelsea are having another look at midfielder Youri Tielemens  from Anderlecht. The Blues have been scouting the young Belgian International for some time and have expressed previous interest and will make a move in January.

Tielemens is still only 18-years old but he has been tipped for a big future having already been a regular for Anderlecht and the youth International side. He is a great all rounder and very strong and technical.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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