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First of all, a little bit of comedy for you. Former Arsenal player Paul Merson has claimed that the Chelsea and Arsenal match where Gabriel was sent off, should be replayed after the FA rescinding the sending off decision. I think Merson would like the season to last at least 5 years!

At the end of the day, the Referee made the decision at the time – we are always told that we must respect and go by this decision. So the FA are claiming it was a mistake, but the extreme measures of replaying a game because of this is just dramatic, over the top and frankly ridiculous. If we are going to replay matches because of an apparent mistake by an official, then we will be replaying pretty much every single game at least twice!

If that is the case and we are looking at mistakes, what about the clear penalty for Chelsea that was missed by officials in the first half? That would have put Chelsea in control of the game, but are we going to replay the game because that was missed? No, because errors are made every game and it’s ludicrous to suggest replays. For the record, Gabriel’s sending off WAS correct going by the laws of the game, the only error was keeping Diego Costa on the pitch, he should have gone as well following the rulebook.

Get over it Merson, everyone loses decisions that end up meaning lost points, it all evens out at the end of the season anyway. Which is why you don’t see me complaining about bad decisions. Personally, I’d take that result, a replay would only do more damage to your goal difference!

Finally, a little bit of transfer news for you. Manchester United goalkeeper Victor Valdes is being spoken about again in a potential move to Chelsea in January.

With Thibaut Courtois injured for months, Chelsea will assess his situation in January and decide whether they need to bring in extra backup for Asmir Begovic. Valdes being totally off the radar at Old Trafford now and wants out.
Moussa Konate is another huge talent who is being watched and wanted by a number of Premier League clubs, including Chelsea. Reliable publication Calciomercato are the latest source to be claiming that The Blues are interested in signing the Senegal International in January.

The powerful 22-year old has currently scored 21 goals in 35 matches in the Swiss League for FC Sion and is a highly scouted prospect right now.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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