If you haven’t already seen them and heard the fuss on social media as well as multiple sources picking up on the latest Chelsea kit designs – you soon will.
It’s important to emphasise these ‘leaked’ Chelsea kits could very well be legitimate, but then again they may be the work of a talented designer doing well to get plenty of attention – if it’s the latter then kudos to you.
However, since these kits are causing such a fuss let’s have a look at them, and the key thing that stands out about the ‘new’ home shirt for next season are the two shades of Blue and of course the Nike logo which now features the name of the brand rather than just the tick. Then there’s that very weird white line, that doesn’t go all the way…

We’ll leave CFCnet readers to have a look and make judgements though – and what about this supposed new green alternative kit? Leave your thoughts over on the CFCnet Forum, but again it’s worth pointing out that these could just be fake concepts, but they could equally be official ‘leaked’ designs.
We’ll just have to wait until the end of the season to find out.

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