If anyone managed to catch the Man City v Chelsea game, without knowing who the two teams were, the outcome was reflected as derby match in a cup final! The game was fierce; two red cards, some hard tackles, arguments and a ‘brawl’ near the end of the match- all the ingredients of a rival match. It’s not just that, in the past, Chelsea have come out of some feisty games which can be seen as more rival matches and the reason for this?… The calibre of the club, the players and of course the managers. The three northern teams who are most likely always going to be challenging for the title are Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool and since Chelsea have encountered their wealth thanks to their chairman Roman Abramovich they will always be considered title contenders with the other three.

They are pretty much rivals to every team in the Premier League, but most recently they have become fierce rivals with northern team Manchester City- it’s as if becomes a derby. The way they compete with each other has the same conventions from what you would see in a North London derby, Merseyside derby, even the likes of the West Lancashire derby. All rival matches are entertaining for fans but they can be dreadful for the players, but here’s why City and Chelsea are beginning to really dislike one another other.

Title contenders
Both clubs have reached their success thanks to similar circumstances; both sides were taken over by very wealthy businessman and organisation which has gave them a huge amount of money to build a solid team. Since then, they have won a number of titles and 9 times out of 10 cemented themselves at the top. This is why they see each other as rivals- they’re title rivals which is why they don’t like each other. This current season is looking like it will be either City or Chelsea finishing as title winners, so their rivalry will be as fierce as ever.

Luiz and Conte
Luiz and Conte

The players
With both teams being considered as big clubs in Europe, they’re also rivals when it comes to the transfer market as well. Both teams want to recruit the best players in hope of making the squad better, yet currently, both teams contain ridiculous amount of talent, so like the two teams, the players are also rivals with one another. Up front you have Sergio Aguero v Diego Costa, in midfield you have Eden Hazard v De Bruyne and in defence you have Vincent Kompany V Gareth Cahill. These are considered the best players in their positions for either club and as you can see they’re pretty match like for like in regards to talent.

This is another reason that proves Chelsea and Man City are becoming more and more like rivals. They’re the same, but opposite if that makes sense. Each game is getting more heated as they play each other, so soon the might even have to make a new derby for the fixture- I don’t know maybe… the north meets south derby?

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