Jose Mourinho’s side will be going through the last minute preparations ahead of Wednesday evenings Champions League second leg clash versus Paris Saint Germain and if they are to progress, they’ll need to step up a few gears.

In the first leg we saw a reserved and hugely defensive Chelsea side using a tactic that was risky. Playing for a draw was a decent idea over there but it would have been a different story if it wasn’t for the heroics of Thibaut Courtois and Gary Cahill. PSG had 16 attempts at our goal and we only managed two, it was only sheer luck that kept us in the game as it was down to poor finishing from the home side.

We needed to play defensive over there I agree with that, but I was disappointed that we didn’t try and control the game a bit more and use our frightening pace in a counter attack. We didn’t bring enough to the table and can count ourselves lucky that we’re going in to tonight’s match with an away goal and level.

Tonight we must see improvements and offer more going forward, we cannot rely on defending and holding out for 90 minutes, we’ll be in danger of being rolled over.

Cesc Fabregas yesterday stated that Chelsea need to improve their killer instinct and he is absolutely bang on. We’ve lost that in recent matches and I’ve put it down to fatigue, we started this season as a cut throat side who were an attacking force, this stage of the season we’re more of a defensive side grinding out wins. Obviously wins are what will win us the title, but it’s a risky business if we don’t go on to finish sides off, just look at the Bradford game for an example of that.

Tonight we must improve and our big game players must step up to the mark and help us control possession. Of course PSG will come at us, they need to score. But we need to utilise our pace better and get at them on the counter. Having the weekend off a competitive game, should mean that we’ve had some time to recover fatigue.

Simon Phillips – News Editor – @cfcneteditor


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