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Chelsea Betting Odds

With the Blues still very much in the mix in the Champions League (even though they play Barcelona in the knockout round next), and find themselves a little way behind in the Premier League there’s still plenty to get excited about for the Chelsea faithful this season. CFCnet have partnered up with SmartBets – the customisable odds comparison website bringing you the very best Chelsea odds.

Blues fans are feverishly passionate about their club and the current Premier League Champions and former Champions League winners are of the game’s most recognisable and biggest clubs – so the weight of expectation is no doubt ratcheted up every single season. All of this makes betting on Chelsea odds extremely popular for fans and even the neutrals that enjoy the star-studded line-up of the west London club.

There’s no shortage of great looking markets for Chelsea betting odds if you’re looking to make a certain game or rumour surrounding the club a little bit more entertaining. There’s all sorts available across a range of bookmakers including who will be the next Chelsea manager odds, Chelsea outright winner odds and even relegation odds (we can safely say this won’t apply to us anytime soon).

Chelsea To Win Outright Odds

The Blues have racked up six (6) Premier League titles since its inception in 1992 and in the current era it seems the club are never more than a season or two away from winning the league from their rivals – this year however Blues fans will have to hope for other silverware as the league title appears to have slipped out of reach.
With that kind of track record Chelsea to win the league odds are usually pretty short at the start of the season, with the Blues always among the favourites.

The same can be said with Chelsea odds to win the Champions League and the FA Cup with markets usually ranking Antonio Conte’s side among the best in the respected competitions – although it’s likely you’ll find much more value on the the club lifting European silverware purely because of the competition standard.

Best Bookmakers for Chelsea Betting Odds

If you’re on the look out for great looking Chelsea odds and wondering which bookmaker is best for you then our advice is not pick just one. Coral are usually pretty good shouts for offering enhanced offers that boost the odds prior to kick off to give huge incentives for Blues fans to get involved – usually on the outright win or a card to be shown markets.
If you’re after live streaming options via a bookmaker then make sure to check out our guide on which of the many offerings is the best for you.

London Derby Chelsea Odds

It’s not always easy to find bloated Chelsea odds that offer much profitability, however one thing is certain – there’s no shortage of London derby fixtures in a season for bookmakers to go wild over and offer some really great offers. Derby day fixtures see enhanced special Chelsea odds or money-back specials from bookies who know they can get additional customers through the door, including neutrals. It’s common to see Chelsea v Arsenal odds and Tottenham v Chelsea odds enhanced – and CFCnet will make sure you get them here whenever they become available, so make sure to check us out when these fixtures roll along.