With Chelsea’s Premier League fixtures released all Blues have had time to digest and possibly predict how the 2018/19 season could go. Our first fixture of the new season see’s the squad head to Huddersfield who secured their own top-flight status at Stamford Bridge back in May.

Away trips to Cardiff on September 15th and Wolves on December 4th, while hosting Fulham a few days earlier on December 1st will give Blues fans the chance to see the new promoted sides in-action.

Key Dates in Chelsea’s Premier League 2018/19 Season

The second match of the season is also the first home game at Stamford Bridge and it just happens to be against an Arsene Wenger(less) Arsenal, now under the guidance of Unai Emery.

Right at the end of September is when Liverpool head to west London on September 29th and then two games later on October 20th is Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea’s first trip to Tottenham’s new stadium is on November 24th and then the big one against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City on December 8th.

With four of these six key games all at home in the first half of the season Chelsea will be expected to start the season strong to capitalise on this good run of fixtures for the 2018/19 season.

Chelsea Premier League Fixtures 2018/19

11/08/2018         15:00     Huddersfield (a)

18/08/2018         15:00     Arsenal (h)

25/08/2018         15:00     Newcastle (h)

01/09/2018         15:00     Bournemouth (h)

15/09/2018         15:00     Cardiff City (h)

22/09/2018         15:00     West Ham (a)

29/09/2018         15:00     Liverpool (h)

06/10/2018         15:00     Southampton (a)

20/10/2018         15:00     Manchester United (h)

27/10/2018         15:00     Burnley (a)

03/11/2018         15:00     Crystal Palace (h)

10/11/2018         15:00     Everton (h)

24/11/2018         15:00     Tottenham Hotspur (a)

01/12/2018         15:00     Fulham (h)

04/12/2018         20:00     Wolves (a)

08/12/2018         15:00     Manchester City (h)

15/12/2018         15:00     Brighton (a)

22/12/2018         15:00     Leicester City (h)

26/12/2018         15:00     Watford (a)

29/12/2018         15:00     Crystal Palace (a)

01/01/2019         15:00     Southampton (h)

12/01/2019         15:00     Newcastle (h)

19/01/2019         15:00     Arsenal (a)

29/01/2019         19:45     Bournemouth (a)

02/02/2019         15:00     Huddersfield (h)

09/02/2019         15:00     Manchester City (a)

23/02/2019         15:00     Brighton (h)

26/02/2019         19:45     Tottenham Hotspur (h)

02/03/2019         15:00     Fulham (a)

09/03/2019         15:00     Wolves (h)

16/03/2019         15:00     Everton (a)

30/03/2019         15:00     Cardiff (a)

06/04/2019         15:00     West Ham (h)

13/04/2019         15:00     Liverpool (a)

20/04/2019         15:00     Burnley (h)

27/04/2019         15:00     Manchester United (a)

04/05/2019         15:00     Watford (h)

12/05/2019         15:00     Leicester City (a)

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