Matthew Harding Upper
Matthew Harding Upper

N’Golo Kante’s transfer to Chelsea was worth some rough £30 million. Well, now that the Blues have failed their shot with the European Championship they have already lost two N’Golos worth of money.

Yes, Chelsea’s 10th place finish in the Premier League didn’t only leave us, fans, disappointed but it also inflicted a chain of painful events from colossal reputation loss (that includes prices per players). And, to make the milk sourer, the £65 million qualification bonus has leaked through the Blue’s fingers.

In simple words, if you were to make a sports bet you are free to put all of your eggs in one basket – Chelsea’s defeat.

2015/16 season – a major thriller?
Last season has caught our breath with suspense. Surprisingly Manchester United was the only club to make it into the realm of European soccer because of miraculous circumstances. Tottenham was joined by Leicester City in their stunning hit to the top 4.

Chelsea through a surprise as well! A rather awkward one – they, for the first time in somewhat 15 years, are mission out on the entire European Championship.

Needless to say, the Blues were desperate for the 65 millions of qualification bonuses as they needed to cover some major investments from N’Golo’s transfer and to series of more common expanses.

Matthew Harding Lower fans show their support
Matthew Harding Lower fans show their support

How much is Chelsea really losing?
Aside from the before mentioned bonus, the Blues usually make as much as 50 million per year while playing European soccer.

Are things as bad as they seem?
No, not really. First and foremost, the Blues have got themselves an impressive £60 million per season deal with Nike. The contract will last for 15 years bringing in a total of £900 million to the team’s bank account.

A record breaking £5.1 billion deal with television that was announced back in February is warming hearts and wallets of the London side as well.

Londoners are back on track with their game as well. Antonio Conte’s arrival pushed the team into an impressive set of jaw-dropping domestic victories. Chelsea is now proudly sitting on the fourth place in charts.

Abramovich expects Conte to lead the team to new victories and, as far as we can see, Chelsea is truly destined to make it into the European League next season – you can already bet on it… Or can you?

Time will set all things in stone on their places eventually. We are only to make educated guesses as for now. What do you think of the Blue’s chances?

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