According to The Mail, reports late last night suggest that Chelsea are getting together a final offer of £7.5 million to bid for Wigan’s Victor Moses, who is desperate to join the European Champions. Moses has one year left remaining on his contract, but even with that said, this won’t meet Wigan owner Dave Whelan”s £10 million demands.

As we reported yesterday, Chelsea are seeking cheaper options with their final two purchases of the season due to wanting to ‘break even’ and keep within the Fair play regulations, as stated by Chelsea Chief Executive Ron Gourlay. So if this isn’t enough and if it is Chelsea’s final offer, where next? We need a striker, that is clear for all to see. Will Chelsea be prepared to take further risks and branch out on Edinson Cavani for example?

Victor Moses however, is not the most popular choice, judging by my research, Chelsea supporters mainly want to see Cavani or Lewandowski, with the latter proving the most popular, purely  because he’ll be cheaper. But are Chelsea prepared to stretch further funds after the comments from Gourlay? I’m not so sure. If we could have got Lewandowski for his original value of £13 million, then I’m sure he would have been signed by now, but like most players we are interested in this summer, there value mysteriously doubles.

The fact of the matter is, supporters in general are not confident in our striking options of Torres, Sturridge and Moses. So if this report is true by the Mail, Chelsea supporters will have to get used to that prospect.

My opinion? I rate Moses, I’ve seen him play as a striker a few times and he’s a very decent target man. He’s strong, quick, good finisher, makes intelligent runs, and he causes trouble. But then if you asked me if I could put my faith in those three players as our striking options this season, I’d say no, not fully. But another option is that if we do play ‘The Spanish way’ then will Eden Hazard be our most advanced forward? It could work, he has the finishing ability.

Maybe the Chelsea officials have something else up there sleeve? Hulk is still in the pipeline, we must remember that fact. So we shall see, an exciting end to the transfer window approaching.

Simon Philllips – News Editor

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