The Spanish midfielder is certainly one of the coolest on the football pitch, rarely ruffled, with only the odd yellow card here and there. However, last season’s highest assist maker stands accused of driving at 110mph in a 50mph zone.

Francesco Fabregas Soler of upper Belgravia Street, Knightsbridge pleaded not guilty through solicitors at Staines Magistrates Court on Tuesday August 11.

Prosecuting counsel Darren Mactravers said the offence occurred on Thursday January 15 this year. Mr Mactravers claims Mr Fabregas was driving his Aston Martin on the day and was caught on a LTI 20/20 ultra-light hand-held laser speed camera on the A3 at Claygate, Surrey. Mr Fabregas admitted to driving the car at the time but denied driving over the speed limit.

It appears due to the not-guilty plea, the defence will be based on some sort of technicality with the trial being set for Friday October 9.

Exceeding the speed limit may not be the most serious of offences but any sort of bad publicity is definitely undesirable especially when one has to concentrate on playing football and possibly playing well in what promises to be an extremely competitive season.

Contribution from Kudzai Mahwite.

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