At the start of the season, many people were they would see the Blues being included Champions League Semi Final predictions along with Real Madrid and Manchester City. They were quickly disappointed as Chelsea was dispatched by PSG and next season they will be missing out on the world’s most prestigious cup competition. Many are just calling this campaign and blip and that once the new manager comes in, everything is going to get together again. The team has not managed to progress as well as anticipated and still look a million miles away from the club that won the Premier League last season.

Guus Hiddink has tried his best to get the most out of the squad, but the dressing room was too broken before he came to the rescue. The first job the new manager will have is to build a great team spirit again. The tough Italian is not known for his personal skills and is a task master. His methods may upset some of the superstars and his time could be short-lived if he does not hit the ground running. They will not be in anyone’s Champions League picks next year or even Europe, as they have played that poorly they will not qualify.

Hiddink has done a good job at blooding a new of youngsters, but it is likely that when the new manager starts, they will be shipped out on loan. It will be interesting to see if they look at Tottenham Hotspur’s model of having a young team. It has been hugely successful for them this campaign and Chelsea have one of the best academies in the world.

Fabregas celebrates at Stoke City
Fabregas celebrates at Stoke City

The core basis of the team that won the league last year of Costa’s, Fabregas, Matic, Eden Hazard and Cahill have all underperformed greatly. It is down to those players why The Blues have been so weak this year. It remains to be seen if the new manager will keep these players or will move them on and replace them. If he does sell all of them, it will take a new team a long time to gel together. The season could be over again before it starts if the board does not sign the right players to help them improve.

One advantage the new manager will have is that he will not have any of the distractions of European football. He can concentrate on the Premier League, and it will give him a huge advantage over the other teams competing for the title. With so little games, though, it is going to be very hard to give lots of playing time to the squad. It could cause rifts in the dressing room, and they could end up having a repeat of this season.

Author: Tony Samboras has supported Chelsea since a child and has been to Stamford Bridge when visiting England. He likes to make Champions League picks as a hobby and his Champions League final predictions are Atlético Madrid Vs. Real Madrid. John has written for many well-known online publications and wants to continue to progress his career as a sports writer.

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