So it’s finally official, Chelsea have appealed against their imposed transfer ban which would stretch over two windows, FIFA have confirmed via the Independent.
At this current time the transfer ban would start for this summer’s transfer window and finish up for summer 2020, but it’s surely hoped by the club that an appeal will at the very least delay the ban until the January transfer window in 2020.
FIFA have responded in a statement to the Blues’ appeal of the transfer ban by stating;
“Any decision on the sanction remaining in place during the appeal process is to be taken by the chairman of the FIFA Appeal Committee.”
Now it will be matter of waiting on the decision of the FIFA Appeal Committee in what could be a critical decision that could affect a range of scenarios at Stamford Bridge. If the ban remains in place from this summer would that mean the club stick with Maurizio Sarri and what would happen in regards to the club potentially selling Eden Hazard?
The waiting game continues for Blues fans but despite the uncertainty there appears to be split opinion on what an imminent ban would mean – on the upside it could mean youth and out on loan players could be given a greater role next season.
What do Blues make of the decision to appeal and the potential scenarios of the transfer ban? Take the discussion further on the CFCnet Forum.

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