The news that all Blues fans were hoping for came on Friday afternoon, and it’s now a fact that Chelsea’s transfer ban has been reduced, allowing the club to sign players in the January window.
The Court of Arbitration for Sport saw favourably on the Chelsea transfer ban appeal and on top of bringing forward the time the Blues can sign players, the fine imposed on the club was halved to £230,000.
Speaking to the media, via Chelsea FC official, a matter of hours after the decision was made, manager Frank Lampard kept the positive appeal in-check, without going overboard in making claims of definite signings in January.
Obviously the club was working towards that and it is a positive outcome for us. It allows the potential to look at the market going forward and so I am pleased from a footballing level. It is not my business to get involved in the legal side of it. I see it purely on a football level and from my point of view and for the club moving forward, it is obviously a good thing.”
I am certainly not going to sit here today and go too far down any lines to do with that [who the transfer targets might be] and I am happy with the squad that I have here. We are doing okay.”
Chelsea boss Frank Lampard knows that he now has a hungry, positive playing squad at his disposal, and adding ‘big name’ players to it could change the dynamic and maybe not for the better, so it was no surprise to hear the boss urging calm on transfer window expectations;
It will be a challenge and hopefully we can get it right.”

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