Chelsea are coming under increasing pressure to break their contract negotiation conventions and give Willian a two-year contract extension, despite the club only wanting to offer a 12-month deal – according to the Evening Standard.
The club are currently being told to offer the same two-year deal that was offered to teammate David Luiz, but the club argue that was because the defender was out of contract this summer – Willian is out of contract next summer.
On top of the contract demands, bids have come in for the 30-year old Brazilian from Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, for about £35 million, both of which were rejected by the Blues but will further Willian’s collateral for a deal that works in his favour.
A looming two-window transfer ban may also force Chelsea to compromise and give Willian what he wants – assuming that the new manager, likely Frank Lampard, wants to build his side around Willian or instead opt to throw younger prospects in instead.

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