This incident has previously been posted within the CFCnet forum and other Chelsea FC related web sites. We know Cliff personally and we sincerely hope that he recovers very soon if he hasn’t already. This has been sent in my his son James.

This story is for everyone who knows my Dad Cliff, known also as ‘Rubsy’. As some of you might know, there was trouble after Chelsea’s match against QPR last Saturday. Myself, my father Cliff, my younger brother John and my two friends were walking along the North End Rd in Fulham near The Goose pub.There seemed to be something happening in the pub as there were many policemen outside stopping people entering or leaving. Unfortunately, my two friends were caught up in the confusion and pushed inside the pub while the other three of us were outside.

I told a policeman that we were waiting for our two friends to be let out and he said that although we couldn’t enter the pub, we could wait where we were for them.

Suddenly, a police dog unit arrived and the police started to get heavy handed and started pushing people near the scene including my Dad who fell onto my younger 13-year-old brother. The police drew their batons and we began to walk away.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my leg and as I turned around, a police dog was biting my leg. At this point, I was scared and tried to get the dog off of me but its jaws were locked. Eventually, it let go but my Dad kicked the dog to help me escape from it.

Then, three (I think) policeman leapt on me and four jumped on my Dad while another friend managed to get my younger brother away but I was on the floor. I felt a police baton, fists and boots kicking me and I could hear cries of pain from my Father.

He has since told me that he was handcuffed, punched and one of the police officers stood on him before arresting us both. Now my Dad is in hospital with three broken ribs and a punctured lung and I have black eye, swollen lips and a cut face from where I was punched.

I was cautioned for using foul and abusive language and breaching the peace while my Father has been charged with criminal damage to a police dog. We both feel that we were not guilty of what we have been charged with and I am asking for any witnesses to contact us in they feel they can help us mount a case against the police.

I hope this redresses the charges that have been pressed against my Father and myself with both of us claiming our innocence. Meanwhile, I look forward to my Father being released from hospital on Wednesday

If you can help, please contact the guys at the cfcuk website and they will pass your details to Cliff and James.

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