As a writer, there are articles that we don’t want to write. There are times when we have to admit fault, retract statements, and sometimes readjust our perspective.

Earlier this year, I wrote an article entitled “Hindsight is 20/20”. The article spoke about Manchester City’s Kevin DeBruyne (at the time he was a Wolfsburg player), and analyzed how Chelsea had made the correct choice letting him go. It gave the conditions as to which he was sold, mentioned his “work ethic” and spoke about how he wouldn’t fit into the Chelsea team that was coming to light.

Well fast forward about 6 months, and De Bruyne is back in England after spending a year and a half in Germany. The Belgian lines up on a packed Manchester City squad, one poised to win the title this season easily. And is De Bruyne riding the bench? No he’s a focal point of their attack, a role he could have played at Chelsea.

While playing on Wolfsburg, it was easy to write off his successes as a weaker league, or a team lacking quality players. However, he now resides in the same country, and he is making an impact in a league he was deemed not good enough for a few years ago. He also is a starter on the Belgian National team, FIFA’s number one ranked team in the world.

While I don’t enjoy making a habit of being wrong, Chelsea would absolutely be a better team with De Bruyne in the lineup. I would hope most Chelsea fans would agree with me.

It’s easier to agree with this concept, given his mainstream success is coming at a time when Chelsea are at an all time low. However, the concept itself stands, Chelsea would be a better team with De Bruyne in the lineup.

The Belgian would offer that No.10 that the Blues have been lacking this season. For some reason, Mourinho has not used Oscar as much as he needs to, and Fabregas has been out of form overall this season. De Bruyne is an incisive attacker who would not only score goals, but help set up some of Chelsea’s other attackers. He would easily link up with Hazard, and would help to give better service to Diego Costa up top.

It has become apparent this season that Chelsea are quite obviously missing some pieces. It’s a shame one of those missing pieces is a player that has already departed Stamford Bridge. It’ll be interesting to see who Chelsea will bring in during the January Transfer Window, but they’ll need to do a lot to match the squad strength of Manchester City. Overall, if De Bruyne were still in West London, the Blues would be all the better for it.

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