There is no question that the big spending days of Roman Abramovich are well and truly over. What with the new UEFA Financial Fair Play regulations coming into effect for the 2012/13 season it’s plain and simple, Chelsea have cut back to spending within their means. We have been hearing of David Luiz and reported offers of £18-£23 million have been rejected. In the past it’s more or less been the case of Chelsea asking the price wanted for the player and getting their man sooner rather than later but now however, it’s a sign of things to come.

I am wondering what this means for Chelsea in two years time. What happens if we haven’t won the Champions League by then and god forbid another Premier League title?. I think any of you Chelsea fans will know that things are a changing at Stamford Bridge and every other football supporter can’t wait to see Chelsea fail. For a good few years now we have heard comments of “You bought the title” and so on. We all know that Roman’s money helped and anyone who says the opposite can’t really be taken seriously so it will be very interesting to see what happens before then.

As we all know, Chelsea need a bigger stadium. If we are to be able to compete once these new rules come into effect, then we need the additional revenue to keep up with the likes of United and Arsenal. The problem we have is that we ARE Chelsea. As soon as we make contact with anyone about a player the fee quoted becomes extortionate. Will this remain the case and for how long?. How long can Chelsea remain at our home?. We never want to see the club move away from the Bridge but is this something that will become a necessity rather than just an idea?.

In an ideal world, Chelsea will go on and win the Champions League and Premier League crown again before that happens and will benefit from the riches and rewards that come with it. There is no one else who wants to see Chelsea win the Champions League more than Roman Abramovich and the Chelsea fans. The questions will remain in the back of our minds however about our transfer policy for the next three windows, our plans for renovation of our home and the long term commitment of Roman Abramovich to the Chelsea cause.

With more or less every other football fan waiting to see Chelsea crumble and fall back into mediocrity, I for one cannot wait to see Chelsea hopefully, prove them wrong.


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