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Chelsea remembers

Chelsea are currently one of the best London contenders in this year’s Premier League season. With a rich history in West London, during the last decade, we have quickly become one of the best teams in the league. Since 2003, we have racked up an impressive list of achievements, having won the Premier League four time times and the FA Cup seven times along with more titles and championships.
But within London itself, who are our biggest rivals?  Let’s take a look shall we.


Since the birth of the Premier League in 1992, Arsenal have become known as one of the most successful football teams in not just London, but the whole of the UK. Arsenal have won the Premier League title a total of thirteen times, and also have a number of previous English League achievements to their name. The biggest London derby for Arsenal is the North London derby against Tottenham Hotspur, however there’s definitely some rivalry to be found between them and Chelsea too.  If you’re looking to watch Chelsea in action against Arsenal, you can find Arsenal vs Chelsea tickets here.

West Ham
One of the oldest football clubs in London, West Ham were founded in 1885 and have been based at their current home stadium at Upton Park for over a hundred years. Although West Ham have never managed to earn a reputation as a glamorous club or indeed one which wins a lot of trophies, they are definitely worth a mention as they have been a long-standing East End institution with some of the most dedicated and loyal fans in the country.

A football club that has been around since 1882, Tottenham Hotspur have a rich history as a London-based football club, with their heyday in the 1960s when they earned the achievement of becoming the first English football club to win a major European trophy. Along with that, Tottenham also holds the title of being the first team to win both the Premier League and the FA Cup in the same season. When it comes to the Premier League, Spurs have had a lot of good results in recent years, with plenty of consistent finishes in the top six.

Other Rivalries
Outside of the Premier League, there are a number of other London clubs that have a fierce rivalry with Chelsea– the most notorious of which is Fulham.  However, unlike most traditional derbies, Chelsea and Fulham have spent most of their football careers in different divisions, and they’ve rarely played in any high profile matches.  Although considered to be a West London derby, Fulham have actually formed deeper rivalries with teams like QPR and Brentford, which is weird when you consider the history of the Chelsea ground.

The other common West London derby is between Chelsea and QPR.  These two teams have met a total of 45 times since the 1960s, with the last match being in April 2015 when Chelsea beat QPR 1-0.  Again, QPR and Chelsea haven’t spent masses of time in the same division for any length of time, so whilst the West London rivalry is there, it isn’t as large as it is for teams like Manchester City and Manchester United.

No matter how long you have supported Chelsea for, or where you live in the country, it is always a good atmosphere on derby day.  If you ever get the chance to see Chelsea play against one of their London rivalries, it is definitely an opportunity worth taking!

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