After banking their fifth EPL title, Chelsea has proven to be the pride of London once more. Despite their dominance, this club has had a lot of injuries since 2002. They are ranked number 3 after Arsenal and Manchester United as the teams in the EPL with the most injuries. With a game like soccer, players are bound to suffer from injuries and there is no way of preventing that. Since the late 2000s, Chelsea has come off as a force to be reckoned with in the entire league – unlike how casino game lovers engage in the best slots for playing online at their free time in due comfort and having fun while at it. Injuries come and go, but there are teams which suffer the most injuries, Chelsea is one of those teams. Below are some of the common injuries Chelsea players have suffered in the past.

Injury Record Of Chelsea Players

Knee injury
It is the most common among Chelsea players, and a serious one, as they stay away for up to 15 months without playing. The Chelsea legend, captain and defender, John Terry has had his fair share of knee injuries in his long career at Chelsea. In fact, he ranks at the top when it comes to the frequency in which he has suffered knee injuries. Despite this, he has not stayed away for more than 3 months due to injuries. The record shows that defenders in the club are the most prone to injuries and they account for about a third of all the injuries suffered at the club in the past seasons. Other defenders who have been caught in this stalemate include Michael Essien who was out for 13 months and Jose Bosingwa who stayed away for 15 months.

Hamstring injury
This type of injury is half as common among Chelsea players as knee injuries. However, it is still a problem. It has sidelined players for weeks as a result. It is spread across all players regardless of the position they play on the field.

Thigh and Calf injuries
As the name suggests, it affects the thigh and calf muscles during the regular play or practice. It is common among the midfielders and defenders. According to the statistics of the club, in terms of the thigh and calf injuries, they are almost equal to those of the hamstring. The players recover from these injuries with ease and only require rest and physiotherapy to get better.

Groin injury
It is more common among the goalkeepers than in other field players. It is thus the least form of injury for the Chelsea club players. The players who suffer from this injury only stay away for a few weeks before they can get back on the pitch.

Injuries among key players at Chelsea have slowed them down and, in some cases, reduced them to the level of non-title contenders. All in all, this has not stopped them from adding silverware to their trophy cabinet.

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