Well that didn’t go as Chelsea fans had hoped.

With all the build up to this match, the records on the line, and the swagger that Chelsea had been playing with, many felt that 3 points were relatively inevitable for the Blues, myself included.

Although 14 straight wins was unfathomable before the season began, the Blues lulled us into believing that it was possible.

Then reality set in. In the form of Dele Alli. And it was not enjoyable for Chelsea fans.

But when we put aside the record, the London Derby, the fact that both Arsenal and Liverpool had dropped points, what does this loss mean for the Blues?

3 points. That’s all.

The fact that Chelsea missed their chance to set a new consecutive win tally is unfortunate, but a reality of the English Premier League.

There is a reason it’s a record that hasn’t been touched since Arsenal in the early 2000s. It’s almost impossible to achieve, especially when you factor in the infusion of money into the Premier League since the Gunners set it.

So putting aside the record, let’s tackle the derby loss issue.

Tottenham are a good team. They will challenge for the title until the end of the season, just as they did last campaign.

The fact of the matter is that Chelsea were not outclassed or anything resembling that. They were undone twice on 2 brilliant crosses, that found Dele Alli in the same space both times, in between Azpilicueta and Moses.

This is a fixable error. It’s one issue that has been targeted by Tottenham perfectly. But it’s correctable, especially when you consider that Conte’s defensive tactics are exceptional.

On the first goal, Azpilicueta was sucked into marking another player and Moses was marking the back post run. David Luiz was not marking, which created the need for Azpilicueta to neglect Alli.

This is a marking issue that can be easily solved. Moses was never going to get around Alli in time and Azpilicueta was essentially marking two men. Conte will address and drill the marking patterns into the team this week.

The second goal was a similar situation. However, this time David Luiz was marked and Kante failed to mark anyone.

The reality of the situation was that Azpilicueta wasn’t marked tight enough and he doesn’t have the vertical prowess that we would expect from a dominant centre back.

The more worrying issue for the Blues is not how the goals were scored, but the fact that they failed to create anything going forward. Perhaps the introduction of Fabregas at halftime would have changed the context of the game.

Overall, the last time Chelsea lost, Conte made tweaks that led them on a 13-match winning streak. Fans should have the utmost confidence that changes and tweaks will be made.

The Premier League is the most competitive contest in the world and to expect the West Londoners to be perfect isn’t realistic.

But there is no need to doubt their title potential, their dedication, or their ability to get right back on the horse.

The loss to Tottenham was frustrating for Blues fans, but it only counts for 3 points.

Tyler Strauss is a senior writer for CFCNet. Follow him on Twitter @tyler_strauss_.

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