By Tyler Strauss

According to several reports, Radamel Falcao’s move to Chelsea seems all but complete. It is believed that his move will be a one year loan, with the option to buy at the end of the loan.

Furthermore, Monaco have reportedly asked for two of Chelsea’s star youth players on loan. These youngsters include Charly Musonda, and Mario Pasalic. These would also be one year loans as well.

To me, this deal makes sense all the way around. Chelsea should be able to secure Falcao for a cheap price on loan. They will part with two players who will be starting for Monaco in a French League that’s growing in talent each year.

Mourinho will once again be celebrating another transfer window victory. Falcao in his prime was absolutely clinical. The striker scored for fun at Atletico Madrid and who would bet against Mourinho helping him find that form again? This allows Chelsea to secure a third striker, who’s brimming of potential, and just needs a push from Mourinho to set him straight.

Furthermore, Chelsea have his former striker partner in Diego Costa. When Falcao was in Madrid, the two formed one of the most formidable partnerships in the world, and Chelsea have the opportunity to replicate it at Stamford Bridge.

As far as the two players that Chelsea will loan to Monaco, it makes total and complete sense for both players. Both Musonda and Pasalic should demand starting roles in France, and this will allow them to further their skill, playing week in and week out, in a strong league. That experience is invaluable.

For me, I can’t particularly see a downside to this deal. Worst case scenario, we get the Falcao from last season, who can’t be helped by Mourinho. He won’t be worse than Drogba last season and by the end of the campaign, we will give him back having only lost the cost of his salary and possibly a small fee.

Moving for Falcao is a masterclass by Mourinho. And the pure genius of it, is that many people don’t even realize how brilliant it really is. The potential to see Falcao and Costa bullying Premier League sides next season is a mouthwatering concept. With the right additions this summer, coupled with Falcao, Chelsea are looking at a very busy business end of the season.

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