Chelsea lost 3-1 to Brighton? A very shocking score-line you might figure? You’d be absolutely right, the European Champions losing 3-1 to Brighton Hove Albion. That’s not an ideal final season preparation match is it?

The word ‘preparation’ however, is why this particular Chelsea supporter is not in the slightest bit concerned over that result. Yes, there were some concerns in the Chelsea team, some question marks over certain players in certain positions, and of course, the 4-3-3 formation.

When you prepare for something, it’s all about planning, experimenting and then coming up with a clear conclusion. All of which is what we have done during pre-season. Di Matteo has been experimenting different players in various positions, drawing conclusions from the games. I’m pretty sure that now, in his head, he will have a clear picture of his opening day formation and team, and I’m pretty sure that we won’t be seeing certain things we’ve seen in the friendly’s, such as Raul Meireles playing in the holding role, which doesn’t work.

One thing that I’ve stated before and will touch on again now, in my opinion, Ramires best position is not on the right wing, he lacks imagination there. Our whole right side struggles to create or offer anything in an attacking sense other than Ramires’s pace, which is dynamite. To me, we need his pace and energy in the middle getting from box to box.

The midfield looks bland, but like yesterday, playing with 3 midfielders, swapping and changing around, it’s difficult to really judge our midfield from those matches. I think its fair to say that Robbie will go with his preferred 4-2-3-1 formation, so our midfield will look more balanced.

We’ve lacked creativity during pre-season, but look at our creative players, Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Marin and Lampard when he’s advanced. Well neither Mata nor Oscar have featured due to the Olympics. Lampard has been playing different roles, while Hazard and Marin are very much just finding their feet. So of course the creative spark will need time to ignite. Just as the new players need time to settle in and gel.

We are in a transition period here, things will take time as I’ve said before, and we need patience. Ok the result yesterday was worrying, the performances in pre-season haven’t been great, but Di Matteo and his side are still very much learning.

Fernando Torres was struggling to get involved yesterday and kept drifting out wide out of frustration. We need to work out a process of feeding Torres in a central position, so he can make those famous runs in behind. That will come though, when he starts working with the likes of Oscar and Hazard on the training ground, they’ll learn each others game and when to make the right run or pass.

I’m certain that on Sunday we’ll see a more organised and stable Chelsea side, but we still needn’t expect miracles, we just need to show enough to make people realise that we are here to compete at the very least, we’re here to challenge the top sides for the title yet again.

I’m pretty confident with what we’ve got, but I do think we need some creative spark on the right, and for me, that’s Hulk. I’m still certain that we will sign Hulk on deadline day.

I’ve been angered by comments from Chelsea ‘supporters’ online yesterday, some even calling for Di Matteo to be sacked. I’ve even seen people who getting angry and abusing certain players because of our pre-season results. If you know anything about football, you know that pre-season is purely a chance to get up to fitness, experiment with different styles, and to practice. I agree it’s nice to get the results, but it’s not what this time of the season is about. If Chelsea are still performing like that once the season starts, then I might show some concern, but until then support our team and don’t get on their backs. True blues do not abuse our own players just remember that!

Simon Phillips – News Editor.

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