Chelsea’s press officer, Steve Atkins has narrowly avoided serious injury after a freak accident at the training ground (via The Sun).

It’s not the usual sort of story you’re used to seeing coming out of a Premier League training ground but there was almost a very serious incident this week.

Anyone in the United Kingdom would’ve noticed unusually high winds in the week and those winds almost caused a serious injury to Chelsea’s press officer.

Steve Atkins was walking to his car when a powerful gust of wind blew a heavy glass table from a nearby terrace towards his direction. The table reportedly smashed on Antonio Conte’s car which was parked nearby, causing serious damage to his car.

“It’s dramatic stuff,” said a Chelsea reported insider who has seen the CCTV footage.

“You see Steve walk right past Antonio’s car, then suddenly this massive square of glass hurtles out of nowhere and down on to it at frightening speed, sending thousands of tiny pieces flying everywhere.

“Steve was pretty shaken up by the whole thing, as you can imagine. And Antonio’s car was left in a right old state. A gaping hole right in it.”

It’s a strange story but one which could’ve been so much worse. Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident.

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