The Premier League is all but over as Champions Chelsea look back and ponder a hugely successful season in Jose Mourinho’s second season back in his second spell at the club.

The Blues have been top of the league since day one and stayed their ever since, despite the recent ‘boring’ tag from rival supporters. There has been a lot of entertaining and exciting attacking football at the Bridge this season and their dominance has hardly been in doubt. Closest rivals Manchester City stayed near but ended up folding when it mattered most whilst Chelsea kept composed.

Mourinho is the best manager in the world according to many pundits right now and this season he has shown that he knows what to do to win matches and how to do it. Consistent all season and tactically brilliant, his side have done what they needed to do to win the league and win football matches.

So what can we expect from next season? Can Mourinho’s Chelsea continue to dominate English football and form a stronghold on the league? This is certainly what owner Roman Abramovich is hungry for. The summer transfer window will determine to an extent who the bookmakers pick as favourites, but Chelsea as defending champions are guaranteed to be in the top two, if not out in the front by themselves once again.

Mourinho has a team he seems to be content with.

He has already said that he doesn’t want to sell any of the current squad this summer. This means he is happy and confident with the set of players that he has, they are now playing his way and for him. This has not happened in previous Chelsea sides recently and this makes a huge difference. If you have players who are turning up to earn there money and enjoy the fame, then there is always a likelihood of them falling off the rails, but when you are playing for passion for the club and a genuine belief in the manager and what they are doing, you have a formula to go on to be successful for years especially with the squad as young as Chelsea’s.

Another reason that The Blues can win the title again next season? Two words, John Terry

Captain fantastic is playing one season at a time at his beloved club but has arguably just pulled off his best season in a Chelsea shirt. His hunger, his desire and his overall quality has really shone through this season and with him leading the team and calling the shots from the back, you know you’ll win matches.

They have a superbly organised and drilled defence

This is not about individual players or even about the back four, this is about how the TEAM defends. Every player has a role defensively and when those tactics are put in to play, even Diego Costa is tracking back doing his bit. Chelsea can be impossible to break down at times and this is only going to improve again next season which is a scary prospect for the opposition.

Costa and Fabregas will only grow in calibre

Chelsea went on to win the league without top goalscorer and main target man Diego Costa for a large chunk of the run in as well as Cesc Fabregas playing in low gears throughout the latter end. Just think when these two start firing again like they did at the start of last season, this time playing with even more confidence and understanding of each others games, we could be in for an even more emphatic start.

There will be more strength in depth next season

Although Mourinho is happy with his squad, I’m pretty sure there will be signings and reinforcements coming in. It seems likely there will be another raid on Atletico Madrid, bringing in potentially another top striker and midfielder. This is only going to add even more quality and options to a side that is already full of immense quality.


We now have one of the greatest goalkeepers in the world. Thibaut Courtois has been in fine form this season and has single handedly won matches for the Blues. With a stopper like that keeping goal, you know that you won’t be conceding many.

Mourinho looks more hungry now than ever before

Matured and professional, Mourinho now has that feel about him where he just knows what to do, he oozes confidence and know how and is even more passionate for winning than he ever was before. Is there a better man manager than Jose? Absolutely not.


Clubs have proven time and time again that solid stability, a style of play and confidence is what you need to be a successful football club year after year. Third year beginning under Mourinho and Chelsea finally have that.

So what could stop us?


The Gunners are looking sharp and entertaining and will certainly be up their again next season, they will be a threat. But does Arsene Wenger have the know how and resilience to be able to challenge and keep it up all season? That all depends on who he signs this summer and how he man manages his players.

The Manchester’s?

Both Manchester clubs could be a threat. City slipped up this year, but I feel a change of Manager may be on the cards and if so, renewed support and confidence will come that could bring in a new challenge for Chelsea. But can they get anywhere near? Once again that depends on who they can bring in whether it be a Paul Pogba or a couple of world class defenders, they’ll be up there again.

United meanwhile are looking to rebuild and overhaul their whole squad, if that happens they’ll probably be our biggest threat with a decent core already in place.


Yes that could play a part, but with the squad depth improving this year it shouldn’t really be too negative should anything bad happen.

I can really see Mourinho ‘doing an Alex Ferguson’ at Chelsea this time around. The scene is set and the dominance has begun, add a couple more class players to a couple of positions and replace John Terry wisely in a couple of years and this side can go on to win many more titles.

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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