Chelsea as a football club has come from humble beginning and has now risen among the European elite from there early days in Fulham at the infamous Stamford Bridge. This year could turn out to be a landmark year for Chelsea as they enter the semi-final of the Champions League with a real chance of taking the trophy home for the second time. Chelsea also has a perfect opportunity to winning the Premier League for the 4th time which would make it a sensational return for José Mourinho. With this in mind have crafted the infographics below to commemorate what could be a historic year for Chelsea and highlight the football trophies won over the years.

Chelsea’s season started with the reunion of a fans favourite José Mourinho returning to Chelsea for a second term, with the hope of having a more successful spell that he did on his first. Even in his first few months he had a huge impact with making the signings of Eto’o, Willian, Schurrle, Van Ginkel and Schwarzer who all joined Chelsea over the summer transfer window. Chelsea also added Matic and Salah to the squad in the Christmas transfer window.

It has not just been a big year for Chelsea due to the signing but they have had some sensational results. Chelsea have had some amazing results at Stamford Bridge beating two London clubs with sensational score lines. Chelsea dominated in both the 6-0 victory over Arsenal and 4-0 against Tottenham. This is then topped by Chelsea’s 0-1 victory over Manchester City which may not appear as glamorous as the previous results but Chelsea were the first team to stop Manchester City scoring at home since November 2010.

This has also been a big year for clubs and fans favourite Frank Lampard. Since joining the club in 2001 Frank has reached the landmark of making his 100th champions league appearance and to top it off he has become Chelsea’s all-time top goal scorer with an amazing total of 211 goals and he can’t stop adding to his tally.

Unfortunate as it seems to be, no matter how much success a team has in a season it only gets remembered if they obtain a trophy. Trophy makers Aford Awards know this as they have been making trophies for the last 3 decades, you can see the full range of football trophies they manufacture at

As we approach the business end of the season Chelsea are entering with a great opportunity of walking away with 2 of the most prestigious trophies in the footballing world. What an end to a year this could be for the returning manager José Mourinho. This would really cement his title of being “the special one” and being one of the best football managers in the world. With all this talk about football trophies in mind the full so you can go back and look at the glory and silverware the club has achieved since its foundation.

Chelsea Football Club Trophies
Chelsea Football Club Trophies

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