Just a quick note to let you know more about the changes we’re planning for CFCnet. Behind the scenes we’ve talked long and hard about this and we think we’ve come up with a solution that should suit everyone. That hasn’t been easy because each person who visits CFCnet does so with their own unique viewpoint and individual preferences. To accommodate everybody is therefore an ongoing challenge. With 6 readers it was easy but with 180,000 it’s a huge issue!

Anyway, we’ve  introduced brand a new area of the CFCnet website. To access this area you will need to become a member of Club CFCnet, and this will mean a very small membership charge of just £12 per year.

All proceeds will help CFCnet to pay off the debts that we have accrued over the last 8 years in keeping this thing going, and subsequently allow us to invest in future development – meaning you’ll get even more of what you want.

The current forum and website will remain as they are with some changes in terms of structure and administration, but essentially there will still be a free website and forums if you prefer not to become a member of Club CFCnet.

Therefore, we must stress that if you don’t want to become a member of Club CFCnet you can still use the website more or less the same as you do now.

The new Club CFCnet forums are a blank canvas for the members to paint. Is the blue colour scheme bad? How about a white one instead? What forums do you want to see in it? Or do you want it as one big one rather than a few sections? You can decide how it shapes up, it’s your forum.

As a Club CFCnet member you will not only get access to this area but will have early exposure to any exclusive content, and also be entitled to benefits such as reduced away travel costs and discount on merchandise.

We will negotiate with advertisers on your behalf in an effort to offer our members opportunities to reclaim their membership fee back over the course of a season. We also hope to stage CFCnet events in the near future and your membership will entitle you to first refusal on all tickets.

Should you want to join Club CFCnet you will need to pay via PayPal. [ http://www.paypal.co.uk/ ] You can also join Club CFCnet via the Paypal website even if you don’t have a PayPal account. You only need a credit or debit card. All transactions are completely secure. (T&C/QA available on the PayPal website)

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