As you know there have been some significant changes to the CFCnet web site over the last few months. Mainly the introduction of Club CFCnet, which is an additional, paid for area.

To access Club CFCnet you will need to become a member of Club CFCnet which has a small membership charge of just £1 per month.

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All proceeds will help CFCnet to pay off the debts that we have accrued over the last 8 years in keeping this thing going, and subsequently allow us to invest in future development – meaning you’ll get even more of what you want.

Since it’s inception we have added a “real time” chat application to Club CFCnet and we will shortly be moving the site to its very own server to guarantee reliable uptime. Something we can’t with the free forum falling over and bringing other areas down.

Should you want to join Club CFCnet you will need to pay via PayPal. [ ] You can also join Club CFCnet via the Paypal website even if you don’t have a PayPal account. You only need a credit or debit card. All transactions are completely secure. (T&C/QA available on the PayPal website)

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