We’re going in again with the next Shed 100, this time with the visit of Wigan Athletic on Monday April 14, kick off 8pm. (* please see important note below, it might revert to the Saturday if we draw at Barnsley) We are looking for the first 100 MEMBERS who want to sit together for this match in one block in the Shed End Upper tier**.  You will be able to get behind the team with like-minded fellow fans and will hopefully have a great night out, with the optional added incentive of pre match drinks in the So Bar or Butchers Hook.  Meeting fellow fans who are as passionate about Chelsea as you are (over a drink) is one of the best aspects of the day.

It’s also possible that some of the Shed 100 for Wigan will be interviewed and featured on Chelsea TV.  The feedback from the Newcastle game was very positive and we know we can improve things further still. We’re looking to be sat in a rectangular block this time (around gate 4, so centrally located behind the goal(ish)).

All we need at this stage is confirmation that you want to be involved and how many of you there will be.

Paul Eden is managing things again and he will gather membership, payment and contact details from you shortly after you register your interest. Normal Shed End ticket prices (£48 Upper) + booking fee apply.  Student concessions, if you qualify, also apply.

We need to submit details to the Club by SUNDAY 9 MARCH 2008 which is the day after the Barnsley cup tie. So, please drop an email to [email protected] if you want to take part.  Remember, this is for MEMBERS ONLY WHO WANT TO GET BEHIND THE TEAM. Looking for people who can make either the Monday or the Saturday really, but we have a day or so to confirm either way once the cup tie result is known, so you have a (brief) chance to decide before you commit to pay.

To register your interest(s), please email [email protected] asap. This offer is open to ANY Chelsea FC member.  More details will follow once you’ve signed up.


* If we draw against Barnsley in the FA Cup 6th round, the Spurs away fixture on 19 March will be moved to 15 or 16 April to accomodate the replay. This means the Wigan game will revert back to a Saturday kick off.

** Or Shed Lower, but only if Wigan bring 3,000. If they do bring that many, we’d be very surprised.

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