By Tyler Strauss

When it was all said and done on Sunday, Chelsea fell to Arsenal at Wembley Stadium. While it was just a Community Shield match, there were several indications that we can take from the match.

First and foremost, Petr Cech is going to make Arsenal better, there’s no doubt about that.

But more importantly from Chelsea’s perspective, they lacked attacking impetus. Both Remy and Falcao offered little in attack. Hazard wasn’t quite on his game and Fabregas ran out of options. Both Oscar and Willian looked threatening but neither were able to create real opportunities.

Therefore, the glaring omission from Chelsea’s squad is not the lack of John Stones or Baba Rahman. It is a lack of attacking options. Last season, too much of the burden fell on Costa, Hazard and Fabregas to get the job done. If they weren’t firing, neither were Chelsea.

The Blues haven’t added anyone to the squad that will improve them. Falcao, who has yet to prove himself post injury cannot count for anything yet. And Begovic is a like for like swap with Cech. Not knowing the role that Loftus Cheek or Moses will have, it’s tough to say that they will change the context of the team. So with all of that said, are the Blues any better than last season? I would have to say no.

At minimum they’ve lost Cech, the most capable backup in the league, and are now without Filipe Luis, the best backup left back in the world last season.

Furthermore, all of the major contenders around them have added strength in numbers as well as quality. Manchester United have bought several quality players in Schweinsteiger, Depay, Matteo, and Schneiderlin. Manchester City captured Raheem Sterling. Arsenal stole Petr Cech from the Blues. So where does that leave Chelsea? Even Liverpool signed Benteke. So where are Chelsea in the transfer market?

Mourinho cannot afford to sit idly by and watch. He must act and add players, while the market still allows him to. Squad additions like Antoine Griezmann and Marco Reus would be welcomed in open arms. Chelsea need them to continue to dominate England.

By Mourinho leaving his team be, it’s almost as though he found last year too easy. And while we all like a good challenge now and again, it’s time to retool before Chelsea find themselves biting off more they can chew. It’s a long season, and balancing several competitions throughout the campaign is difficult. Sunday, we saw a team lacking attacking options. Mourinho must act, while there is still something that can be done.

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