I’m not here to offer criticism of any players or claim that anyone in the Chelsea hierarchy does know what they are doing. I am merely just rather confused and fail to understand the motives behind signing our two newest players Marco Van Ginkel and Andre Schurrle. I do not debate that these are both great young players, which is fantastic to add them to our squad… IF we needed them, which in my opinion, we do not.

In Van Ginkel’s position, we have another young prospect in Josh McEachran who had been loaned out for the last few seasons, learning the game. Now in my opinion, this home grown talent can offer exactly the same, if not more than Van Ginkel. Don’t get me wrong, the Dutch midfielder is a class player, but then so is Josh. This English youngster was rated as the next best thing in England and a future international star, bringing in Marco is only going to reduce his opportunities. As an English man I have an alternative motive, I want Josh to become a great technical midfielder for England as well, which he already is. Josh has great vision and a natural ability to become the best in the world in his position. His composure is second to none and he picks out long range passes for fun, the ability he has to turn a defensive situation in to an attacking one with his counter attacking vision, is priceless. It upsets me that we bring in a similar player at a similar age, for the same position. Van Ginkel is good, but equally so is McEachran. We have Essien, Ramires, Lampard, Cholobah, Van Ginkel, McEachran, Oscar, Luiz and Mikel who all play in that position, it’s limiting opportunities for them all and that is without even mentioning the fringe youth players breaking through.

As for Schurrle, again it is a similar situation. I’m not claiming he is not a good player, because undoubtedly he is great and I’ll admit I have been one of those people that has been excited by these signings. But it is when I really think it through and see that these are not good decisions and limit our own young talents. I’m not one to judge on pre-season friendlies and I have become frustrated by people who are judging Schurrle from these matches, even though he has looked more like a clumsy Cristiano Ronaldo so far than the German version, which he has been touted as. But like I say, these friendlies mean nothing and the young German is a pure talent and will light up the Premier League. But, I must insist once again, we do not need him and signing him has only limited the chances of our other players such as Moses, De Bruyne, Traore, Piazon, Feruz, Marin, Oscar amongst others who can play that position to a top class standard. De Bruyne looks better in an advanced role, and Piazon looks like a real class act, full of technical ability and short passing vision that will cause trouble. Yes Schurrle is more direct, but so is Moses and Hazard. Schurrle I understand more than Van Ginkel as he provides a direct fast style, which we lack on the wings, but I still feel it was an unnecessary signing.

For me, it feels like clubs sign players this day in age, just to keep fans excited and intrigued. After all, the transfer window in todays game is enjoyed more than the actual season from some supporters and if clubs fail to deliver, supporters become frustrated. I want to see more opportunities for the highly rated players we already have, remember how much praise McEchran got a few years back when he first broke on to the scene? The boy is a class player and needs first team games with us now to progress to the next level. It would be a real shame if he went back on loan or got sold, he is ready to step up now.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor



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