Bored on a Saturday night and just waiting to vent your spleen?  Or perhaps Joe Cole’s red-shirted debut at Moenchengladbach has you reaching for the toilet porcelain?  If so then why not write for CFCnet?  With well over 120,000 readers each month, your time won’t be wasted.

We are looking for committed Chelsea fans who are (a) knowledgeable about the team and the Club in general and (b) passionate about all things Blue.  It doesn’t matter if you are based abroad – many of our readers are exiled Blues fans – but it does matter that you are committed to the cause that is Chelsea FC, Double Winners 2010.

As a purely voluntary site we can’t afford to pay anyone, not even ourselves, but we can offer a great platform for your views to be aired.  We don’t have any gimmicks and don’t purport to be the future of web sites. We may not be the biggest, best or the nerdiest but no one can knock our support of the team.

To become involved in a fans website like CFCnet is easy.  You don’t need to belong to an elite club, own a dodgy handshake or have membership of some sort of inner circle clique.  All you need is a computer keyboard, some time and passion for the Blues.  That’s how we started!  After all, CFCnet was just an outlet for a committed bunch of fans who used to sell the Chelsea Independent fanzine on the Fulham Road in the 80’s and 90’s.

With this in mind we’re looking for people to help us out with CFCnet. Firstly we’re looking for someone to carry on the good work of the previous seasons covering the reserves and youth. Nothing in too much detail. Mainly based around comings and goings and reporting on the games. We have access to press areas for the right person. We are hoping that he or she can accompany CFCnet’s photographer Dan Davies. CFCnet is the only web site officially authorised to cover Chelsea youth and reserves matches.

Secondly we are looking for people to help out with writing Match Previews and Match Reports. The successful applicants will join the current team of contributors so you will be expected to write just a couple of times per month. Maybe a little more depending on how much you want to be involved.

Thirdly, if you just want to write a few opinions on team matters and anything Chelsea-related, then also feel free to join in.  600 words per article.

So if you’re a Chelsea fan who can string together a few paragraphs why not get in touch and help us out? There are a few perks that we can throw in for any long term team members so why not give it go? Please contact [email protected] for more information.

The CFCnet Crew

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