Jose Mourinho has confirmed that star striker Diego Costa will be missing injured until at least May, leaving the Blues to contend the the title without their top scorer for some key matches.

Costa has been pinnacle to Chelsea’s march towards the title this season and has got some vital goals, creating a presence that will certainly be missed by any side. The Blues have been using Didier Drogba and Loic Remy as the backup options but Manager Jose Mourinho has never really put his full faith in either of the latter.

Recently however, Remy has been given the starting role in the absence of Costa and although he has scored some hugely important goals from poaching positions, his general contribution has not been as important as Costa. However, his runs and positioning is effective and if he can get in the right frame of mind, he can be a key player.

Remy will be weighing up his options at the end of the season as he will surely be wanting to be playing frequent first team football, he now has a chance to prove himself at Stamford Bridge and show that he does have the ability to play as the main striker and lead the team.

The French forward has certainly shown signs of class and the ability to convince supporters and management that he is more than capable of doing that job, but without overly showing the confidence needed to be the main man. That is a personal mindset that will come with game time, goals and good performances.

Now he has played in a few matches regularly and scored goals, this is his chance to take it to the next level and boss that defending back line and become a scary striker, one that puts fear in opponents and has the self belief to lead Chelsea towards the title.

There is little doubting Remy’s ability, it’s just whether he has enough there to go up to the next level and be an excellent striker as apposed to just a decent one who does a job. He needs to be fearless now and really prove his worth, give himself a shot at genuinely giving Diego Costa a run for his money. There will be no better chance than this Mr Remy, take your shot!

Simon Phillips – News Editor – @cfcneteditor

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