On the DEADLINE DAY for replies to the letters of enquiry to multiple share purchasers, SAYNO would welcome clarification from the CPO Chairman as to when and how ordinary shareholders can claim their rights in law to scrutinise the replies?

We would also like to ask Mr Frankham at what stage the proofs of ID and address which were so strangely neglected by the company Secretary Robert Sewell for so many of the multiple purchasers in the period after CFC’s offer was made, will now be confirmed?

Similarly, will the Chairman also be substantiating how and when these multiple shares were paid for, and finally cede the longstanding request for scrutiny of the new CPO lease and loan agreements supposedly made under Richard Kings tenure without referral to the membership?

We also wonder if the Chairman will make the job of weeding out the fraudsters easier by asking multiple share purchasers permission to view their voting records held by the Electoral Reform Service – as no-one can logically be accused of trying to defraud shareholders in law if they voted against the proposal to liquidate the company!

We are glad to note CPO do now concede the purchase of shares was suspended on 20th October as SAYNO previously informed – due to public outcry at the obvious deception in progress – and not the 27th as the Chairman’s statement claimed.

However, the relevant notice from the time is still missing from the CPO page of CFC’s website, and the three previous statements to it all strangely, incorrectly, changed to dates in June?!
We ask again – will the Chairman take steps to ensure which ever employee of CFC’s web team has been trying to meddle with the facts again, please refrain and corrects them?

We must also seriously doubt if anyone will be willing to help a Chairman raise funds for CPO as he now pleads, when he has done so little during his 17 months at the helm to cleanse the company of fraudsters and profiteers?

SAYNO continue to observe with interest.

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