It has been disclosed that an advisor to Sepp Blatter (and FIFA) bought 100 shares in Chelsea Pitch Owners just eight days before the EGM vote.

The person concerned, who cannot be named for legal reasons, bought the maximum number of shares along with his son, who also purchased a £10,000 block.

The information was passed on to CFCnet via an anonymous email account, yet on deeper analysis it would appear that the information is readily available in the public domain by anyone wishing to view the CPO share register.  All one needs to do is look at purchases of blocks of £10,000 worth of shares on 18th October 2011.  There’s not a lot else on the list for that particular day, particularly from Geneva.

We are, unfortunately, not allowed to disclose much further information about the individual concerned yet one look at his role ‘assisting’ in the PR aftermath of Union Carbide’s Bhopal disaster (3787 deaths, 558,000 injuries) would make any sane person shudder, although his acquittal in 1995 for cocaine trafficking is a cause for relief.

We would also like it put on record that this man did a wonderful job advising Bruce Buck and Chelsea over the Gael Kakuta affair which threatened to have us banned from any transfers for two consecutive transfer windows.

Indeed, when a man has advised Sepp Blatter until 2008, who better to go to when negotiating with FIFA than the very same man? For that Sir, take a bow.  You are a good egg. A top man.  A credit to any Chelsea fan alive and you will always be welcome at the Chelsea Ram pub in Burnaby Street.  I’ll buy you a Swiss schnapps topped with a Hungarian lemon.

We will leave it to our readers to make up their own mind whether a man and his son who purchased two blocks of £10k worth of shares from Geneva, eight days before the vote, were operating merely for the good of Chelsea FC or to assist Bruce Buck and Chelsea in rigging the CPO EGM vote.  We believe it is clearly the former and anyone insinuating otherwise will be banned from the CFCnet Forum and reported to the Information Commissioner.

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