OK – A few hard facts “Bruce ‘fast’ Buck’s” cronies don’t constantly re-tweet or publish answers and outrageous spin to on the club website (apologies for not cynically rolling out a player or ex-player on the payroll, to try to sell it to you!) ;
Roman Abramovich has not kindly and magnanimously paid out £750m of his own money on ; Shevchenko (£31m), Essien (£25m) & Torres (£50m) etc, paid for 6 managers in 5 years (£60m+), and a state of the art new training ground in Surrey (£20m). IT IS ONLY A LOAN, and still owed by CFC’s holding company Fordstam to Abramovich, which he can demand back on 18 months’ notice at any time. In effect he is playing fantasy football with debt built up by the club, which will have to be paid back to him by the club whenever he’s had enough !

Boris Berezovsky is currently suing Roman Abramovich in the English high courts for £3.6 billion for allegedly defrauding him in two business deals in Russia, including accusations of intimidation and corruption. The preliminary judgements on allowable evidence, and a justifiable case to answer, recently going against Roman Abramovich.

The club don’t have the will to find an extra 13,000 seats at Stamford Bridge – that wouldn’t allow them to sell the current prime real estate for £750m upwards and more than fund a new stadium on a low value site. Any redevelopment of Stamford Bridge would require new money to be raised.
If shareholders surrender the freehold of Stamford Bridge, how can they be sure the club will not bid to rent the New 60,000 seat Olympic stadium, or Twickenham, or Wembley, in 8 years’ time and cop the £750m from the sale of Stamford Bridge (a similar sum owed to Roman Abramovich in loans) ?

CPO – The supposedly ‘independent’ guardian of the club, is run by King & Granville both in the PAID employ of CFC, as admitted in the proposal. The third director – Bob Sewell has an accountancy firm directly employed by CPO since 1993, taking £10k out of CPO last year alone according to the accounts. So no conflict of interests there then !
Why was CPO’s registered office moved for the first time since inception, from Stamford Bridge down to the accountant Sewell’s address in Addlestone, Surrey early last year, making it more difficult for shareholders to register votes & proxies personally ?

Why did CPO’s directors not stipulate a reasonable consultation period with shareholders on the proposal instead of just agreeing to a 3 week time frame (the legal minimum) before a vote on self liquidation ?
Why have CPO’s accounts not been drawn up and lodged with Companies House for the past year, as they have every June since inception ?
Why did CPO choose not to halt share sales during the offer period (as is compulsory for all stock exchange listed companies), and can CPO at least reveal how many individuals have purchased multiple shares since the last accounts were published in June 2010 ? (The last figure published for the number of shares sold was 14,620, with just 183 sold in 2010).
Why did the directors of CPO not stipulate for guarantees that a similar structure would be put in place at any new stadium?
Have CPO’s directors started implementation of the first 10 year rolling extension to the loan, which runs out 14th December, 2011, assuming they don’t sell CPO out to the club first ?

The club have stated in the small print of the proposal that the directors of CPO will be indemnified “against certain potential liabilities incurred by them in connection with the proposed transaction” – what will come to light in relation to this proposal that may lead to directors being held liable to law suits ?
Given the above facts seem to suggests preparations for the clubs proposal had been made before March last year at the very least, why did Ron Gourlay inform the Official Fans Forum no further plans were known regarding the stadium, just 10 days before announcing the proposal ?

Based on the above facts – can any of these individuals really be trusted, UNCONDITIONALLY, with our club’s future ?

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