Following the news today that once again Chelsea Football Club has been fined for the conduct of its players during a match, on this occasion against Derby County, CFCnet can now confirm that after a brief conversation with one of its most reliable contacts within the club, Chelsea will be taking affirmative action against what clearly is an ongoing problem.

Our source, who can’t be named at this stage, has informed us that the club have now set up a Direct Debit, thus expediting the process of transferring money from one of the richest clubs in the world direct to the coffers of one of the most inept organisations in the world, the FA.

“We thought it would save a lot of time and trouble,” he said. “At least now they can process the funds a lot faster, thus speeding up the financing of grass roots football in England. Chelsea Football Club is very proud of the its ongoing work to support the smaller fish in what is clearly a very big pond,” he continued. Finally adding, “We did offer to send them a whole set of new blazers, which seemed only fair given our relationship with Armani, but they declined saying that although theirs were getting a little tatty they’d be fine for another 20 years or so.”

At the time of writing our source was, however, unable to confirm just how many TeamCard points Peter Kenyon had amassed thus far by paying all the fines on his Chelsea credit card.

We at CFCnet look forward to the next episode of the ongoing soap opera that is the FA disiplinary committee.

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