It doesn’t really come as a surprise to hear that former Chelsea defender David Luiz has been opening that rather outspoken mouth of his once again, this time directing his opinions at Jose Mourinho, the man who sold Luiz to Paris Saint Germain.

In quotes that to me look rather bitter, Luiz has apparently told reporters who asked him about Mourinho being the special one, to which he replied “he’s special to you, but not to me”. He then went on to claim that he knows how this Chelsea side play, that PSG have a game plan and they know how to implement it.

So it would seem that Luiz seems to know the inside information on how to beat Chelsea as well as stoking the fire before the game in mind games that could actually mirror similar tactics used by Jose Mourinho in the past.

Chelsea are in a better position heading in to the second leg, playing in front of their home fans and carrying the vital away goal, but it will certainly be one of the toughest games so far this season.

Luiz’s comments will no doubt help Chelsea get motivated for the game and it will certainly add inspiration for the likes of John Terry, Branislav Ivanovic and Luiz’s Brazilian team mates to make sure they get one over on their former club mate.

In Luiz’s defence, he did also mention that he enjoyed his time at Chelsea and although he was never consistent or reliable enough for Chelsea, he certainly helped make some good memories there and for that will always be thanked.

Those times have been and gone now and it’s time for Chelsea to let the football do the talking.

Simon Phillips – News Editor – @cfcneteditor

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