Silly season is hitting its climax as we are just a few days from the summer transfer window slamming shut.

With Chelsea failing to sign their top targets for CBs and LBs, the Daily Mail has linked Chelsea to a sensational sweep for their former defender David Luiz.

At first look, Chelsea fans may cringe, but with some consideration, they may learn to uncover their eyes, if only a little.

So what exactly would a homecoming of their former star offer Chelsea?

The first is leadership. The Geezer is definitely a polarizing figure, but one that commands attention. He is experienced, having played the game on the largest stages in front of the biggest fan bases around the world.

With all of this experience, it’s another channel to help develop our younger centrebacks. Kurt Zouma and Andres Christensen can learn from how Luiz navigates the club, the fans and the attention.

Furthermore, they would learn how to distribute the ball from the back. Perhaps not as freely as the Brazilian, but with focus on playing out of the back.

Conte will have his say with the freedom they have, but having CBs who are comfortable with the ball at their feet is a major positive.

Furthermore, Chelsea would be getting their “Geezer” back. Luiz was a fan favorite and it would be another feather in the cap Blues PR team.

While his defense polarizes fans, his personality does not.

Last season, Chelsea lacked a player that the club truly believed in. Terry spent too much time on the training table. Luiz is another player who could help command the field and insprite belief into the younger players.

The addition of David Luiz would also add the presence of a big game player. The Brazilian always had a knack of showing up in Chelsea’s most important games, just look at their Champions League run in 2012.

This is vital, when you consider how many talented players simply go missing on these stages. Luiz would inspire confidence throughout Stamford Bridge, aligning the fan base with the team.

Furthermore, Luiz mostly worked with managers who were pre-Jose Mourinho. I have a hard time believing that Conte wouldn’t be able to reign in the riskier aspects of his game.

With a bit of conditioning, Conte would have a player who has a good work ethic, tons of natural talent and a born leader.

Is he the perfect buy? No. But does it make sense within what the market is offering, absolutely.

Luiz is a player that will help smooth the adjustment from Terry to the next generation of defenders at Stamford Bridge.

Given the options available this late in the window, I would gladly welcome a Stamford Bridge homecoming for one of Chelsea’s most beloved players.

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