Reports are surfacing today that Chelsea’s new Belgium winger, Kevin De Bruyne could be on the verge of a loan move to the Bundesliga, with Werder Bremen favourites to land the starlet. Sky Sports are suggesting that an agreement has pretty much been reached for the loan deal.

There have been debates whether De Bruyne will go out on loan this season, with Chelsea seemingly looking certain to buy another winger before the transfer window is up.

A rather peculiar decision this one; if you ask me, De Bruyne has the quality to be a Chelsea starter, or at least a rotation player. Sending him out on loan will have its plus points though, and I am sure that after a season he will impress yet again and come back to join the starting Chelsea eleven. He has great potential, but perhaps the fact that he is still very much an un-proven prospect is enough to get him loaned out to prove a point. I’m just hoping that this doesn’t back fire when injuries and fatigue start kicking in, De Bruyne has so much to offer.

This again outlines Chelsea’s intentions to buy another winger, De Bruyne seeming pretty certain that he wants to go on loan, he must know that another signing is inevitable, thus reducing his own chances. So will it be Hulk? It has to be someone pretty high profile for him to make that decision, whether it is the Brazilian force of Hulk, remains to be known.

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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