Good evening folks,

It’s the crazy finale of the transfer window tomorrow, the closing of all the last minute deals. Spurs have bought big, United could well do some more business as will Arsenal. I have a funny feeling that we have not seen the end of Chelsea’s spending either, I predict a shock and I am currently digging in to it to see what I can find. One thing I am sure about is that I am not totally confident that Mourinho is completely happy with our squad, especially the striker situation even though he has bought in Samuel Eto’o.

Join me on my Twitter account on Monday for the latest live updates the second I get it in, I will be phoning sources and researching other outlets in order to find out if we have any plans to hijack any more Spurs targets, make the next big signing or panic buy once again. We shall see, follow me here to keep updated @CFCneteditor I will be tweeting until the end!

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