Jose celebrates against Liverpool
Jose celebrates against Liverpool

Does CFCnet consider this season a write-off? Not at all. Yes, we’re disappointed at our defeats to mediocre opposition that cost us the league title as well as our capitulation to Atletico in the Champions League semi-final. But the 6-0 thrashing of the Goons allied to trampling over the hopes of the Scouse has been vintage fayre. We’ll be talking about ‘that’ slip and Arsene’s 1000th game for years to come. A solid gold cannon my arse.

The fact remains that we’ve seen unbridled progress in the league, both in terms of our defensive solidity and overall team ethic. On top of that has been the return of the Messiah, Jose Mourinho. His repeated tactical masterclasses have been the undoubted highlights of the season and his jog down the touchline at Anfield whilst beating his chest is the defining image of 2014. Welcome back Maestro, oh how we’ve missed you.

Best Moment: That slip. Our Scouse friends, fresh from commemorating Hillsborough, even had a street parade before our Anfield game in the full expectation that their run of victories would continue, not to mention the t-shirt sellers who already had ‘Premier league champions’ shirts printed-up. Jose’s tactical masterclass was the football equivalent of a cocky boxer being caught by two knockout blows. A classic game that will enter Chelsea folklore, along with the song:

“He f***d his chance to win the league, Gerrard, Gerrard
He f***d his chance to win the league, Gerrard, Gerrard
He slipped and fell and passed the ball to Demba Ba to score a goal
Gerrard f**d his chance to win the League”

Altogether now, “We’re gonna to win the league“.

Second Best Moment: Arsene Wenger receiving a solid goal cannon to commemorate his 1,000th game in charge of the Goons. The underachieving specialist in failure was given an altogether more unpleasant gift from Mr J Mourinho esquire. The game was the first time that Wenger failed to turn up at a press conference. Go on Arsene, please stay, you know you want to.

Best On Field Moment: Demba Ba’s late goal against PSG takes some beating, but his keen eye and positional awareness when Gerrard slipped was perhaps the defining moment of the season. It certainly was for Liverpool fans.

Worst Moment: Our capitulation to Sunderland on Easter Bank Holiday. Jose’s first defeat at home in the league couldn’t have come at a worse time, against the bottom team to boot.

Player of the Season: Cesar Azpiliceuta. Yes, Eden Hazard was a maestro for many games, but in others he failed to turn up. Cesar gets it not only for his consistency, but his attitude. A legend in the making.

Signing of the season: Matic. Brilliant. Shame we had to sell him to Benfica in order to notice how good he was, a common failing at the Bridge. His absence in the Champions League was telling.

Most improved player: Azpiliceuta. To keep out a player with 107 international caps takes some doing.

On the decline: We can’t go there, it’s too distressing and we also value our knee caps. Frank’s attitude remains first class, his legs less so. But a few others could be singled out too.

Most needed: A creative midfield genius. Barcelona have a habit of pulling a Maradona, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Messi out of the bag. Can we start too?

Please keep: Our defence. Still world class and the best in the Premiership.

One that got away: Rooney. With him we’d have won the league although he’s starting to look perpetually knackered.

Whatever happens over the next two months, let’s wish for a new strike force. We need it.

Finally, CFCnet would like to wish all our readers a great summer break and see you back at the Bridge in August and back online here tomorrow.

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